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17 Things Men Wish Women Understood About Them :- 1. Hot coffee and good head first thing in the morning make for a successful long-term relationship.


Ayat ini sering disalah fahami banyak orang, utk dalil mencari rizqi. Rizqi itu gausah dicari, Hawong sdh dijatah Alloh koq dicari?😀 "Nashibaka min addunya" ITU PERAN. Singkatnya : Apa² yg diberikan Alloh padamu, arahkanlah utk Akhirat, dan jgn lupakan PERANMU di Dunia. . . <


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Gardens by Monet A thread:


An intriguing post, indeed, and one that I enjoyed perusing. However, you do ignore one point - that while in general terms a culture may be judged 'en masse', art is actually the voice of the artist. It says, not what society wishes, but what the artist wishes to say. And, given


Some old photos of Christmas... Midnight Mass at St Dominic's Church, New York, 1942


Christmas Eve at the Grave (1896 AD), by Otto Hesselbom (1848-1913 AD), a Swedish landscape painter. (The figure who appears to be crying. The lit Christmas tree. The graveyard in the moonlight. The moon and the plentiful stars, all of which give hope) In early 1900s, tradition


A disclaimer. To the kind people who decided to follow thank very much 🙏🏽. As you know if you saw my bio I’m solo fan. My account is 99.9% about Biu. So if yous like the ex coworker or any B*C actor please unfollowed.


There has been much noise around the fathers and godfathers of Artificial Intelligence, but how about its mothers? Let's start with Ada Lovelace, often regarded as the first computer programmer, and wrote the first algorithm meant to be run on a computer.