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OpenAI's Sora is out! Creating video from text. Similar models from other tech companies will likely follow. There are COOL technical things and NOT COOL social things to know about. A super quick 🧵. 1/


This is The Titan's Goblet, painted by an artist called Thomas Cole in 1833. And nearly two hundred years later its true meaning is still a mystery...


10 masterworks of painting that inspired iconic movie scenes - a thread 🧵 1. “The Kiss” by Gustav Klimt - “Shutter Island”, directed by Martin Scorsese


The Hero’s Journey gets painfully oversimplified. It’s not just a simple 12-step process that guarantees a great story. But that’s how it’s often taught. Yet in Hero of a Thousand Faces (and Power of Myth), Joseph Campbell explains the Hero’s Journey from a different, more pow


Hoy se celebraban las #feralia, el último día de las parentalia, fiestas dedicadas a los dioses Manes, espíritus de los antepasados.


Joseph Ducreux (1735-1802) was a successful French painter known for his unorthodox self-portraits. In 1769, he drew a portrait of Marie Antoinette, which was sent to Louis XVI of France so he could see his bride before he met her. During the outbreak of the French Revolution in


One of the coolest concepts in urban design is "Architecture of the Night". It's about how we illuminate our cities and buildings and streets. And though it originated in 1920s New York, in 2023 the Architecture of the Night is more important than ever...


1️⃣چون شما @AlinejadMasih دیروز در مصاحبه خود بسیار اصرار و تمایل داشتید که افراد را پاسخگو کنید بنده بعنوان یک دختر ایرانی با تحصیلات عالی در روابط بین الملل، از خودتان شروع می کنم و از خود شما در رابطه با موارد زیر درخواست پاسخگویی دارم: ۱- اولا شما به چه حقی در مجامع بین المل


The city of Potsdam is a lesson in architectural revival. Like Dresden, it's one of the most inspiring architectural feats for decades. The last 20 years have seen its historic center, once among the most magnificent in Europe, spring back to life. The Old Market Square was dec