Terms of Service

Thread Navigator is a tool website that allow its users to aggregate content provided by the third parties.

Threadnavigator.com does not provide content but rather functions as an aggregator.


To save unrolled threads to your notion, we require access to programmatically write content in your notion using the API technology.

We strictly don't use this access for any purpose other than saving thread to your Notion.

By connecting to notion, you agree to provide programmatical access of your Notion to us to save content.

You can anytime revoke this access by visiting the connection menu option available in your Notion dashboard.

how to revoke Notion Access

Paypal (Payment)

In order to use premium feature (such as, saving threads to Notion), you are required to make one time payment.

This amount is non refundable if the payment is successful and premium is upgraded.

Therefore, if you are a starter, we recommend you to start with the lowest plan (i.e, $3 plan).

If you have made a payment and yet for some reason the transaction was not successful, then full amount will be refunded to you with in 24 hours.

Email: contact@threadnavigator.com