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Houston Texans Draft Trends 🚨

Caserio has made 23 picks in his 3 years and followed 5 major trends

1 - 23/23 were from Power 5 schools. Caserio trusts players who play against good competition and have "big school pedigree". You can cross off any small school prospects in 2024


2 - 13/23 picks (57%) were team captains and 8/9 (89%) of the 2023 picks were captains

2023 being DeMeco's 1st year, it's no coincidence that the % of captains they drafted increased

He has spoken about valuing leaders and the "right people". I bet that trend continues in 2024


3 - Valuing "game speed" over testing speed

Houston's average Relative Athletic Score across the past 3 years is just 7.12 which ranks 31st in the NFL

Caserio often talks about valuing GPS tracking data > testing data at the combine and Pro Day. His picks support his philosophy


4 - Avoiding injury risks. Only 3/23 (D Stingley, K Green, J Metchie) of our picks dealt with a major injury (or multiple) throughout college

It's interesting that these all occurred in the 2022 Draft. Perhaps they adjusted in 2023 and became even more risk averse to injuries


5 - Dominance at a young age

- 4/4 of our 1RPs were Underclassman
- 3/4 1RPs were 5⭐️recruits out of HS
- Only 3/23 picks were 2⭐️or lower
- 14/23 picks made a 1st or 2nd team All-Conference

Caserio values players who've been good their entire life, not just 1 year wonders


Honorable Mention Trend:

13/19 (68%) of our Day 2+3 picks participated in the Senior or Shrine Bowl

Caserio has talked about "gathering data" on prospects and they 100% value these events

For Day 2/3 Picks in 2024, look at Senior/Shrine guys when you're mock drafting



Houston values high character prospects who've been deemed talented since they were young, been recognized with accolades and avoided major injuries.

They're largely risk averse, avoiding big swings on raw athletes and valuing production and leadership instead.


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