@RichardHanania: Right-wing twitter is arguing ...


Right-wing twitter is arguing crime isn't going down, that some cities just aren't reporting data to the FBI.

This appears to be wrong.

We can look at the murder rate, since here you have to worry less about selective reporting. Practically all murders get counted, unlike other crimes, where people might for example just not bother calling the police.

Reporting to the FBI has always been voluntary. So far this year, they say that in the cities for which they have data, murder is down 26%. Since murder rates tend to rise or fall together across the country, it would be shocking if this didn't mean crime was going down overall.

You can look at individual cities too, which sometimes publicly release data independently of what the FBI does. Here's an estimate from April, showing murder dropping in 9 cities and increasing in 2 of them.

Crime is indeed falling, whether people want to admit it or not.


Check out the replies and quote tweets here.

Right-wing idiots posting screenshots making the true point that not all cities report data, which has always been the case, with no further investigation or analysis. They’re so sure of themselves.


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