@Deve_Dy: G witch was so well set up to ...


G witch was so well set up to be about the kids realizing that the violence they were play-acting at was a piece of a broader system of real violence and then either rebelling against or giving in to that system and it's genuinely remarkable that that's not what it is

Alright I think it's time to rewatch Iron Blooded Orphans

You were so close. You were so close


I dreamed a dream in time gone by


Sophie, Norea, Naji and Olcott are ambassadors from the universe where the show was better

It's like, either make the show about quasi-colonial dominance or don't. But as is the suffering of these people feels like set dressing for your family drama plot that you actually care about

Prospera is absolutely the worst victim of this wishy washy stuff, Guel, Nika and Shaddiq also get it but the climax isn't about them so it doesn't hurt quite as bad

The unwillingness to commit to Prospera as a villain with ideology (or let Delling or someone else be the big bad) is just cowardice, like even with the constraints of the short runtime that was a solvable problem

When Grandma shows up to be like "don't worry you did good" I'm like what the fuck is anyone talking about

It just makes the story feel small. Suletta and Miorine are hooked into a broader material structure until they aren't, and then mass death at the hand of superweapons just becomes stakes-raising to the actual conflict about Quiet Zero which is about ??? Eri kind of

I'm not a hater. I still had a good time with the show. I'm lamenting what it feels dangerously close to having been

God though remember how Kenanji was just around

Imagine wasting a character like Chuchu

SabiNika is popular because size difference lesbians and all that but also because the people yearn for a world where "how radical and ruthless should yoy be in pursuit of liberation" was a bigger plot and thematic focus of the show

I contemplated writing fanfiction that touched on this but then I kind of got mad and made it about IBO instead. Playing favorites what can I say


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