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I launched feather.so 1.5 years ago.

Initially the price of Feather was $5/month.

In the first 6 months of the launch, I kept on increasing the price bit by bit every few weeks.

I gradually increased it from $5 -> $9 -> $12 -> $15 -> 19 -> $25 -> $29 -> $39/month

I have finally settled on $39/month price point.

I haven’t increased the price since Nov 2022.

Everyday I feel like the price maybe high.

But I have come to the terms of the fact that there is no such thing as price being high.

Your price determines the type of customer you are going to get.

I still get new customers every day at this price point.

None of them feel like the price is high for the value they are getting in return.

All they see is their team can just use Notion to write and collaborate on blog posts. That’s all they see 😀




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