@BowTiedFox: the most powerful 3-step guide...


the most powerful 3-step guide to stop addictions or create habits

WARNING: not backed by science, but ancient wisdom

Aristotle believed that, if you know the right thing to do, but don't do it, you suffer from "akrasia," also known as "weakness of will"

here's his solution:


1. obtain an elegant notebook and pen.

these must be highly aesthetic: beautiful notebooks, pens, and people are more pleasant to interact with.

and, beauty invokes the flow state.

for unsophisticated beginners, I recommend:
- A5 Musubi Tomoe River S 52
- Uni-ball Signo UM-151


2. write a long paragraph about your goal

this should include several reasons, including research on why this change is good for you

discuss how it affects your life:
- health
- wealth
- relationships

analyze your identity.

think about how much potential you are wasting.


3. every single day, write "I did [good habit]" or "I successfully avoided [bad habit]"

on the days you do, you'll feel great.

but on the days that you don't, your brain will short-circuit

"wait a minute, I wrote about how good this habit was for me. why didn't I do it today?"


surprisingly, this small amount of friction is all you need to fix your habits

your hand will permanently embed your weakness onto each page

it'll force introspection because you will be confronted with your own choices every single day

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